RedDot Brands Lease Program

Lease Benefits

RedDot Brands dispensers are available for lease through an authorized distributor. Our lease program will give you access to hygiene-conscious, waste-free and hands-free dispensing at a lower cost. All leased dispensers are elibible for a 5-year warranty and RedDot Brands services all troubleshooting and replacement requests during the lease period.

RedDot Brands Dispenser Systems Available for Lease

- RedDot Roll Towel Dispensing Systems
- RedDot Toilet Tissue Dispensing Systems
- RedDot Skin Care Dispensing Systems
- AeroGlove® Glove Dispensing System

Our registration process is fast and easy! To initiate the process, contact your local distributor.

Replacement Parts and Keys

RedDot Brands offers a number of replacement dispenser parts for leased units. As part of our warranty program, parts will be provided at the sole discretion of RedDot Brands. Neither RedDot Brands nor the distributor is liable for losses, damages, costs, or expenses resulting from third party improper installation, improper use, abuse of dispensers, or use of consumables not authorized by RedDot Brands. Refer to the RedDot Brands Limited Warranty for more information.

To request replacement parts or keys, contact your distributor.

Professional Installation

Professional installation for leased units is available when a project meets certain qualifications. Contact your distributor for more information.