The healthcare market has its own set of unique requirements. Whether acute care, long-term care, urgent care or other provider categories, RedDot Brands understands each level of service and offers dispensing solutions and products tailored for your needs.

Reduce Cross-Contamination

Acute care facilities act aggressively to limit the opportunity for cross-contamination, the spread of MRSA and other hospital-acquired infections. RedDot Brands can assist in your efforts with hands-free towel dispensers and foaming skin care dispensers designed to limit the spread of pathogens. Our DFE approved and fragrance-free foaming antibacterial soap and sanitizer provide a pleasant hand washing experience and encourage regular hand washing.

Increase Productivity

The cost of healthcare has brought about a whole new way of thinking around staffing and productivity. These days, janitorial teams in healthcare settings need to be armed with the best options to limit customer outages and reduce the frequency of maintenance checks. High-capacity foaming skin care and paper towel dispensing systems from RedDot Brands bring you the productivity you need by combining controlled usage, cost-effectiveness and ease of use.

Stay Competitive

The healthcare market has gotten more and more competitive over the years. Facilities are marketing themselves differently in an effort to fill their beds and messaging now plays a larger role than ever. RedDot Brands gives you the unique ability to expand the reach of your message by branding washroom dispensing systems. These valuable assets are often overlooked, yet are used and viewed by employees, patients and the general public every day.

Budget-Friendly Options

Worker productivity, branding, image enhancement and reduction of cross-contamination are all important for long-term healthcare facilities, however value-priced options are becoming more critical to keeping funds directed towards the care of your patients. RedDot Brands foaming skin care options reduce the cost of handwashing by up to 30% over traditional liquid soaps and our Green Seal-certified natural roll towel is value-priced to work with aggressive budgets.

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